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Medicaid Waiver Application Management Training Records Information System (MWMA-TRIS)
The MWMA-TRIS system provides web-based trainings for several roles working within the Medicaid Waiver program. The system also provides several resource documents for support and assistance to users. There are currently 13 different roles utilizing the MWMA-TRIS system. Team members also provide support for instructor-led trainings, as well as reporting on participants completing required training to the Department of Medicaid Services.
Team Members
 Brent Wainscott, Student Associate
Brent WainscottBrent performs several administrative support duties such as data entry, data verification, answering phones and office correspondence, filing, copying, scanning, and faxing. Additional duties include maintaining office equipment and inventory.
 Sabrina Colvin, Training Assistant
Sabrina ColvinSabrina collaborates with the PCP Staff to ensure data integrity of the PCP-TRIS system. She oversees the entry of forms for PCP Foster/Adoptive Parents, including the Intake Forms, Update Forms, Certifications, and Withdrawal Forms. Sabrina is responsible for maintaining data integrity and quality of that data provided by agencies and PCP-TRIS users alike. Sabrina also processes surveys, training attendance information, credit hours details, and provides technical support to agencies and their PCP Workers in the use and navigation of the PCP-TRIS system. Sabrina also provides technical support to MWMA (Medicaid Waiver Management Program) for accessing online web-based trainings.
 Kerrie Fultz, TRIS Program Specialist
Kerrie FultzKerrie oversees data quality control, and runs reports as requested by members of DCBS and PCP Management, as well as MWMA. Kerrie works closely with MWMA Staff, PCP Staff and DCBS to ensure their needs are met. Kerrie posts training sessions, courses, training events, and manages registrations. She provides instruction for Training Assistants, and works with the programming team to implement programming features to PCP-TRIS and MWMA-TRIS Websites. Additionally, Kerrie oversees training prerequisite requirements and credit for all regional training curricula specific to home approvals for PCP Parents.