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KOHBHIEWelcome to KOHBIE-TRIS, the Kentucky Office of Health Benefit and Information Exchange (KOHBIE)'s Learning Management System. KOHBIE-TRIS makes it easy to manage your training requirements for kynect, Kentucky's Healthcare Connection. From notification through completion of training requirements, KOHBIE-TRIS allows you to be aware of, register for, and complete required, supplemental, and recertification training offerings. If this is your first time taking kynect training, you need to submit this online form. Once this information has been processed, you will receive an email notification to create your account. It is highly recommended that you add to your email contacts to ensure receipt of email notifications.

If you have not completed your new account registration, please click here to access the KOHBIE-TRIS Training Registration system or online KOHBIE Trainings. Once you have created your account, you may click the links at the top of the page to navigate our system. NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE FIRST RECEIVED AN EMAIL INVITATION FROM KOHBIE-TRIS IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THIS ACCOUNT REGISTRATION PROCESS.

It's easy to use KOHBIE-TRIS. If you took your required training for kynect for the 2014/2015 Open Enrollment period, you already have an account. Just click on the Web-Based Training Courses above and log in.

kynect Training Requirements

KOHBHIEkynect 2015/2016 Open Enrollment certification and recertification training is now available. It will be administered the same way as before through KOHBIE's training vendor (EKU Training Resource Center) and their online training system (KOHBIE-TRIS). All assister types will be required to complete the kynect recertification training no later than November 1, 2015. Please be sure to look for the GREEN checkmark to determine that you have completed that course. If you have NOT completed the course, you will see a RED arrow.

kynect recertification training for all assister types is required annually. In order to obtain your recertification, you must complete the supplemental training that was made available in June 2015 as well as the kynect recertification web-based training that is now available. There is no exam for the kynect recertification training. KOHBIE also updated the original training modules and materials as some of the federal guidelines have changed since the first open enrollment period. These updates are available for review as are the rest of the web-based training that was required for 2015/2016 Open Enrollment.

If any NEW assisters wish to participate with kynect, they will be required to complete the initial set of kynect web-based training modules, complete ALL kynect Self-Service Portal Supplemental training modules, the 2015/2016 recertification web-based training modules, and complete and pass the exam with a minimum score of 80%.

kynect Training Materials

KOHBHIEThe Kentucky Office of Health Benefit and Information Exchange’s Open Enrollment 2015/2016 kynect training materials provide you with a robust set of materials to support you while working in the field. Below are some highlights to the changes made to the training materials available to you.

NEW and UPDATED kynect Training Manual: This manual contains detailed descriptions of kynect policies, Kentucky’s healthcare coverage options, insurance agent and kynectors’ responsibilities and an overview of the system functionality. New insurance agents and kynectors should read the training manual for an understanding of kynect and their role within Kentucky’s Health Benefit and Information Exchange. Experienced insurance agents and kynectors should review the manual for updated information. All should use the manual throughout the year as a point of reference to better serve your clients.

NEW and UPDATED Quick Reference Guides (QRGs): QRGs provide a detailed explanation of “hot topics” and complicated subject matter for insurance agents and kynectors working in kynect.

NEW and UPDATED Job Aids: Job aids are step-by-step instructions on completing common processes in kynect.

NEW and UPDATED Quick Start Guide (QSG): To support new insurance agents and kynectors in getting started using kynect from day one. This QSG covers the initial steps to support an individual in kynect including setting up an account, helping individuals create accounts, starting an application on kynect, and using the insurance agent /kynector dashboard.

Also introducing:

  • * Webinars on Special Topics
  • * NEW SHOP Training and Videos for Agents and kynectors
  • * NEW SHOP Training and Videos for Employers and Employees
  • * NEW Workshop Student Guides and FAQ's
  • *NEW "Sandbox" Training Environment in the kynect Self-Service Portal for practice scenarios

    **Note: This is a Training Environment; please do NOT use real information from consumers.

Thank you,

Important Updates
Training Video: Pre-Screening
Training Video: SHOP Billing & Payments
Training Video: Shopping
Training Video: Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)
Video Companion Guide: Billing & Payments Quick Reference Guide
Video Companion Guide: Pre-Screening Quick Reference Guide
Video Companion Guide: SHOP Quick Reference Guide
Video Companion Guide: Shopping Quick Reference Guide
Agent and kynector Workshop Training FAQs
Student Guide: Agent and kynector Workshop Training
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