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Early Care and Education Training Records Information System (ECE-TRIS)
The ECE-TRIS system captures all Early Care and Education Professionals training records and training activities. Team members work closely with Division of Child Care Staff, Credentialed Trainers, Training Agencies, Participants, and Child Care Facilities throughout the state. Team members who work with this system are responsible for capturing training records and training activities of Early Care and Education Professionals. The ECE-TRIS system provides comprehensive data for customized and management reports for the Division of Child Care. The system provides aggregate data on training hours, training participants, training requirements, and other related information. The Division of Regional Child Care (DRCC) will use the ECE-TRIS system to determine if training requirements were met when considering a Child Care Facility for (re-)licensure/(re-)certification.
Team Members
 Angie Fultz, Data Integrity Administrator
Angie FultzAngie provides supervision of ECE-TRIS staff and also serves as a liaison between the Divison of Child Care and ECE-TRIS staff.
 Jennifer Newman, TRIS Data Integrity Analyst
Jennifer NewmanJennifer ensures data quality control, runs reports as requested by the Division of Child Care and other Early Care and Education Partners, provides instruction and support for Training Assistants and Training Associates, Early Care and Education Professionals, manages and plans other events and/or meetings. Jennifer also works with the programmers to implement programming changes and features to the ECE-TRIS website.
 Alexis Smith, TRIS Data Integrity Specialist
Alexis SmithAs ECE-TRIS Program Assistant, Alexis will be responsible for training data verification on pre-entered sessions along with staff level technical assistance for providers.
 Ann Smith, TRIS Data Integrity Specialist
Ann SmithAnn shares responsibility of overseeing the online Training Manager that is used by the Division of Child Care for training approvals. She coordinates with agencies to capture professional development credit for these DCC approved events. Ann also manages data for quality by verifying that that the training details and credit hours for the participants is accurately reflected. Lastly, she works very closely with clients providing technical assistance and is responsible for monitoring that data has been entered in a timely manner by the data entry agencies.