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Foster/Adoptive Parent Training Records Information System (FAP-TRIS)
The FAP-TRIS system captures all Resource Parent training records and training activities conducted by the DCBS Training Branch as well as the Recruitment and Certification (R&C) regional offices. Resource Parents include foster, adoptive and adoption subsidy homes. Team members work closely with R&C Supervisors, R&C Workers, University of Kentucky Training Consortium, Murray State University Training Consortium, and Resource Parent Associations. Team members who work with this system are responsible for capturing and maintaining information on Resource Parents from initial point of contact through approval, capture training attendance for Resource Parents, and compile closure survey results for foster parents. Team members often provide training and support to R&C Supervisors and R&C Workers on FAP-TRIS topics. The FAP-TRIS system provides comprehensive data for customized and management reports for R&C and Central Office. The system provides aggregate data on training hours, training participants, training requirements, tracking of resource parent approval, and other related information.
Team Members
 Vivian Cress, TRIS Data Integrity Analyst
Vivian CressElaine works with the Recruitment and Certification Staff to ensure data integrity of the FAP-TRIS system. She oversees the entry of all on-going Resource Parent training, Informational Forms, Update Forms, and Withdrawal Forms. Elaine also provides technical support to R&C Staff in the use and navigation of the FAP-TRIS system.
 Lori Watson, TRIS Data Integrity Specialist
Lori WatsonLori is responsible for training data verification on pre-entered sessions along with staff level technical assistance for providers.