Important Messages about 6/30/22 Training Deadline for Existing Staff

Allow a minimum of 7-10 to process incoming forms. ----- For existing staff with a training date deadline of 6/30/22 - The date completed is by 6/30/22 but it does not have to be on the record by that date. We are processing as quickly as possible. -----Certificates without a date completed are not acceptable. ------ We cannot confirm faxes received because of the large volume. Please set-up confirmation on the senders end.

NAPSACC Certificates should Not be Submitted

Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment in Child Care (NAP SACC) certificates should not be faxed for processing. We are now receiving this data from the sponsoring agency. Any certificates received will be deleted. Please allow 30 days for processing.

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Bug Busting in Early Care and Education Settings

The purpose of this e-learning is to educate early educators and health professionals about managing infectious diseases in group care settings for children and motivate them to adopt the recommended practices of the AAP. This course is a tool that can be used by healthcare professionals, public health educators, child care health consultants, child care providers, parents and guardians. After completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Describe the role of teachers and caregivers in preventing and managing infectious diseases 2. Conduct daily health checks 3. Describe and plan to use techniques to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by measuring and analyzing the frequency of infectious diseases. 4. Plan to utilize techniques to control the spread of infectious diseases in early education programs, such as policy change, checklists, etc. 5. Recognize signs and symptoms for exclusion from group settings and return to group settings.

Availability Start Date: November 20, 2019
Availability End Date: September 26, 2021
Hours: 1.0
Training Level:
Program Type: American Academy of Pediatrics
Cost: n/a
Core Content Subject Areas: Health, safety, and nutrition.
CDA Subject Areas: Planning a safe, healthy learning environment.
Target Audience: All Staff
Training Types: DCC Approved Event
Delivery Methods: Web-based On-Demand Learning
Credit Process: Self-Report with Individual Training Form (allow 10 days)

Registration Contact Info:

American Academy of Pediatrics
Phone: (847)434-4000

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