Important Messages about 6/30/22 Training Deadline for Existing Staff

Allow a minimum of 7-10 to process incoming forms. ----- For existing staff with a training date deadline of 6/30/22 - The date completed is by 6/30/22 but it does not have to be on the record by that date. We are processing as quickly as possible. -----Certificates without a date completed are not acceptable. ------ We cannot confirm faxes received because of the large volume. Please set-up confirmation on the senders end.

NAPSACC Certificates should Not be Submitted

Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment in Child Care (NAP SACC) certificates should not be faxed for processing. We are now receiving this data from the sponsoring agency. Any certificates received will be deleted. Please allow 30 days for processing.

Potential Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainers

This is to provide you with instructions for completing the required 2 hours of training on the cabinet’s designated database, ECE-TRIS. This 2 hour training is for potential Kentucky Early Care and Education Credentialed Trainers. This training will not count for licensing clock hours.

Instructions on how to access the training

  1. Navigate to :

  2. On this page you will login with your ECETRIS credentials (username and password)
    If you do not have an ECE-TRIS account, please complete the Personal Information Form found on the FORMS page and fax that to ECE-TRIS.

  3. Once you login, you will see a message to enter an Enrollment Key: QualityTrainingData2018*
    You must enter the enrollment key exactly as shown. If the access code does not appear to be working, try to either copy/paste it from the screen and not email or type it in directly. Sometimes with some computers Microsoft adds what our developers call “background characters” that throws off copy/paste.

  4. Next you will see a page with the Training Objectives and Module listings to begin the course. This course has 9 modules with checks for understanding throughout the sections. You will only be able to progress through the modules in sequential order.

  5. Now click the link below the Module 1 to begin.
    Module 1

  6. Now click and Enter the course will launch.

    • Notice on the left of the screen you will have a menu of sections for module you are currently viewing. You will not be able to progress to any section or module until all of the previous areas have been completed.

    • When you have completed the Modules you will be returned to the dashboard. It would be at this point credit would be assigned. There is also an optional survey.

If you encounter any issues while completing the course, please click on the helpdesk button.


Training Credit will automatically be added to your ECE-TRIS Training Record upon Completion

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