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 Resource Parent Registration Help

This Resource Parent Registration Area was designed to allow R&C Supervisors and R&C Workers to register parents for training events online using the world wide web.

How do I post training events to the regional calendar?

Watch this PowerPoint presentation for a tutorial: link

Also see this document: link

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How do I submit approval for credit through the training manager?

Watch this PowerPoint presentation for a tutorial: link

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How do I enter the Resource Parent Registration area?

To begin using the Resource Parent Registration area you must navigate your web browser to the following URL: https://tris.eku.edu/ors and click on Resource Parent Registration link.

You must specify "https:" as our site has been secured to protect your personal data.

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Terms used in this area.

User You, the R&C Supervisor or the R&C Worker. Other people are not allowed to use this area.
Server Our web server, the TRIS-ORS System.
R&C Queue The temporary holding area for all registrations. R&C Supervisors may approved or deny a registration. If registrations were approved, the system will send them to the RTC Queue to wait for RTC approval. If not, the R&C Worker will get an e-mail notification.
RTC Queue A temporary holding area for all registrations. RTC's may approve or deny a registration. If the event is a regional event, the user will be sent an e-mail notification. If it is a TRIS event, the user will receive a notification from the RTC if they were denied otherwise, the request is forwarded to the TRIS Queue where the e-mail notification is sent.

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How do I login? What is my username and password?

Click here to go to the login page.

Please use your ORS username and password to login. Please note that our system is protected by a secure socket layer (SSL). SSL encrypts (or scrambles) the data that is sent between our server and your browser. This protection was provided by a digital certificate from Thawte.

In most cases, when a personnel form is submitted for a new staff person an ORS login is created automatically. If you do not have a login, try entering your email address in the "I forgot my username/password" box on the login page, and then click "Send it", to see if you already have a login. If not then contact your RTC or contact TRIS via email at tris@eku.edu or phone at (859) 622-2332.

All fields having an asterisk * are required. If you fail to enter a field, you will be prompted to enter it when you click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.

After the login process is complete and entering the Resource Parent Registration area, users should click on the right link according to their job title (R&C Supervisor or R&C Worker).

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I am an R&C Supervisor, how can I use this area?

R&C Supervisors can Check the R&C Queue to approve or deny registrations, Register Parents that are under their administration for training, View Training Records for the parents under their administration, and use the Verification Form to activate parents. The alternate workers have the same rights as the worker.

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I am an R&C worker, how can I use this area?

R&C Workers can only Register Parents that are assigned to them for training, View Training Records for the parents that are assigned to them, and use the Verification Form to activate parents that are assigned to them.

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How do I register parents for training?

To register for the training, simply "CLICK" the corresponding link.

The Registration page is an online version of the TRIS1 form that the TRIS Office uses to currently enroll individuals into a training.

You begin by indicating if the parent will be attending the training as a Participant, Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer or Observer. Please note that only Participants will be issued training credit for attending.

If parents are going to make-up a previously missed training event day, then check the appropriate days.

If the training event has lodging associated with it, then this information will appear:

If you do not choose to have lodging, then you may skip to the bottom of the Registration Form and click the SUBMIT button. Otherwise, fill out the following information as accurately as you can.

In most cases you will need lodging every night, however, if you do not, please uncheck the appropriate check boxes.

If you have any special needs or requests concerning your accommodations, please specify them here:

You must have your Supervisor's approval before registering for an event, check the box to continue.

Click the SUBMIT after you have entered your registration information.

If you have not already registered for this event, you will receive a confirmation notice.

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How do I view training records?

For R&C Supervisors, users can view records by searching for a parent first. It can be searched by SSN, first name, or last name. After the search, simply click on the search result. (A list of parents names).

For R&C Workers, it will show a list of parents names that are assigned to you. Just click on the name that you want to view.

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How do I use the verification form?

This is the same form as FAP-TRIS Verification Form, but for a printable version, users have to go to FAP-TRIS.

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How do I check the R&C Queue?

For R&C Supervisors only, users can click on edit to change the registration, click on deny to reject the registration, (the system will send a e-mail to the R&C Worker who is assigned for this parent), click on approve to approve the registration and send information to the RTC Queue. If there are multiple registrations in the list, user can click on check all to check all registrations, and then click on the Approve Button to approve all the registrations at once.

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Do I need to log off?

Each time after you've finished using the Resource Parent Registration Area, we ask that you click the Log Off option, which is located in the Blue Bar at the top of each page. This lets our server know that you are finished with the process. It also protects you in case of someone else trying to use the system under your name.

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What if I still have problems, who can I talk to?

FAP Problems
Don't know which training to register for? Need permission to register a parent? Contact:

Your R&C Supervisor or
Donna Turner
Phone: (859) 622-2332
E-mail: donna.turner@eku.edu

Technical Problems
Getting an error message when you submit a form or register a parent? Contact:

Phone: (859) 622-2332
E-mail: tris@eku.edu

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